How to extract Alibaba product data using Python & Beautiful Soup

Now we will see how to Extract Alibaba Product data using Python and BeautifulSoup is a simple and elegant manner.

The purpose of this blog is to start solving many problems by keeping them simple so you will get familiar and get practical results as fast as possible.

Initially, you need to install Python 3. If you haven’t done, then please install Python 3 before you continue.

You can mount Beautiful Soup with:

We also require the library’s needs soup sieve, lxml, and to catch data, break down to XML, and utilize CSS selectors.

Once it is installed you need to open the editor and type in:

Now go to the Alibaba list page and look over the details we need to get.

Get back to code. Let’s acquire and try that information by imagining we are also a browser like this:

Save this as

If you run it.

You will be able to see the entire HTML side.

Now, let’s utilize CSS selectors to get the data you require. To ensure that you need to go to Chrome and open the review tool.

We observe all the specific product data contains a class ‘organic-gallery-offer-outter’. We scrape this with the CSS selector ‘. organic-gallery-offer-outter’ effortlessly. Here is the code, let’s see how it will look like:

This will print all the remaining content in every container that clutches the product information.

We can choose the classes inside the given row that holds the information we require.

Once it is run, it will print all the information.

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